Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Green Lake Community Council – January 9th, 2019

Paul Kostek – Call to order 7:02pm

Disaster Preparedness: The Basics – Carl Leon

Volunteers with city. http://seattle.gov/emergency

SNAP – Seattle Neighbors Actively Prepared

Alert Seattle – alert.seattle.gov

Seattle has planned for a number of hazards. Being prepared for an earthquake means you’re prepared for just about every other hazard.


Three types of quakes we could experience

  1. Crustal or Shallow Quakes – as large as 7.5, but usually under 7
  2. Intraplate or Deep Quakes – Nisqually quake
  3. Subduction Zone or Megathrust Quakes – Cascadia fault line. Can produce greater than magnitude 9. Will last longer. Will produce a tsunami

Seattle Hazard Explorer www.seattle.gov/hazardexplorer


In a major emergency, you will be the one saving each others lives. Emergency services will not be able to respond. At any given time, there’s only about 300 police and fire personnel available. The roads will likely be damaged too much to drive.

Develop a plan. More details at http://seattle.gov/emergency

Know your neighborhood’s plan http://seattleemergencyhubs.org https://seattle.gov/emergency/snap


Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Has been working on a project to place emergency placards around the lake. These would help you convey your location when an emergency occurs at the lake. Worked with the city to get a grant, but the grant was denied. Police and fire department think it’s a great idea and have been encouraging.

FOGL was given money from the parents of a teenage boy who drowned in the lake. Have been looking at projects, and have narrowed it down to three. Next step is to work with Seattle Parks to see what will work better for them.

A volunteer has been monitoring water quality. The details are posted on the FOGL website, even through the winter.

King County has installed a continuous water level gauge on the lake. This will help monitor concerns during drought conditions.

SPD North Precinct NPAC Report – Doug Bambrick

SPD hold a public meeting one Wednesday per month. The police are starting to use the LEAD program http://leadkingcounty.org

Northgate encampment was shut down. It might show up in Green Lake. Crime is up, but population is up as well.

Topics/Issues for 2019

Green Lake Elementary School is having an open house for the redesign of their playground. February 26th and March 20th.

Have ideas for other topics in 2019? Contact Paul – pjkostek@gmail.com