Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Call to order – Paul Kostek – 7:05pm

New board members

Doug Bambrick as Vice Chair. Members at Large: Shana Kelly and Silvie Reynolds

Pathway of Lights

Was planned for December 11th. Will likely be canceled. Need to check vaccination status for event this size, and no real way to check all around the park.

Green Lake Community Center Landmark Preservation Status – David Graves

Have a really solid concept now for the building. One of the issues is the building is (way) more than 50 years old. Demolition of the building would be subject to review by the Landmark Preservation Board. Rather than wait until farther along in the process, made the decision to go early to take it through the nomination and designation process. Two step process: 1. Nomination Hearing 2. Designation Hearing. Went through step 1. Takes five of nine board members to move it from nomination to designation. Had four solid votes not in favor of designation. Of the five who voted to move to the designation hearing, they mainly wanted more information. The most interesting part of the building is the barrel vault roof, which is from a pretty famous designer. Same designer did roof at Kingdome. One member thought the whole thing should be a landmark. Asked consultant to provide estimate to bring community center to code. Roughly $25 million to bring it to code.

Next step is designation hearing – next week, Nov 17th at 5pm. Meeting via zoom. They do take written or public comments at the meeting. 

Green Lake Outer Loop – Trip Allen

City has quickly put out a proposal to create two additional segments around the west side of the lake, to connect the south end up to the north end of the lake. More recent road changes have created some significant traffic backups. Talked to a few local businesses and they seem ok with the changes. Other complications at play that could be compounded by removing a lane of traffic on W Green Lake Dr.

Challenge with how West Green Lake Way N and N 63rd St was implemented. Found 7 out of 60 cyclists did not follow the design intent.

Intersection at Green Lake Dr and Winona is not being used as designed. It’s complicated for cyclists to switch sides of the road.

Neighborhood-Zoo Relations Committee – Paul Kostek

Zoo is looking to change how this works. Was part of the original zoo contract. Neighborhood cares a lot about how the zoo interacts and impacts the neighborhood.

Seattle Public Theater – Charlotte M. Tiencken

Resuming on November 26th. December 3rd, A Very Die Hard Christmas. Things are moving a long really well. Happy to be doing live theater. Vaccinations and masks required.

Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Just won $50k grant for floating wetlands projects. Second try. Need to finalize design and get organized with contractors. Hoping to have installed next spring. Next FOGL meeting, would like to gather feedback on designs. November 30, 2021.

Some new weeds showing up, Brazilian elodea. Parks responded this week. In process of hiring new person to handle pest management. Aggressive plant. Parks asked for proposal to be put in to manage issue to be submitted in January.

Closing remarks about SPD North Precinct NPAC Report – Paul Kostek

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm