Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, Sept 8, 2021

7:02pm call to order – Paul Kostek

Seattle mayoral candidate forum on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.

Daemion Kenyon – Green Lake Mural Project

Has seen an area in the community where there is an opportunity for a mural. Has been researching what it would take. Can prevent tagging. Already working on mural projects in Seattle. One in Northgate – where she lives – as well as Fremont. Wall is owned by the city. Behind it, walls are owned by private landowners. Would be working with the public wall. Permit process takes 2-3 months.

Surface area is about 2000 square feet. Needs to find out if the wall has plans for repairs – has a large crack. It’s right across from the children’s area in the park. Would want community engagement past the date that it’s painted. Have sections with chalkboard paint. Cost is about $10 per square foot.

Marlina Velasco-Barker & Gabe Castillo – Green Lake Chamber of Commerce

Have been hosting “signature events”.  Did a banner project a few years ago. “Love Green Lake”. Another is the Green Lake Food Walk. First year was 2016. Has been growing each year. Had over 1000 attendees at its height. Hasn’t been held lately due to covid. Plan to hold again in 2022 – Saturday, September 10th. vpevents@greenlakechamber.com

People buy tickets – $15-20 – people get a “passport” and go around the Green Lake urban village and get a sample of food from each restaurant. 


Next meeting – September 22nd, 9am. Green Lake Village community room.

Seattle Public Theater – Charlotte Tiencken

Shut down a year and half ago because of covid. City of Seattle has renovated the electrical system. Were having considerable problems before. (Long standing issues.) Almost complete. Fire marshal approval next week. Plan to move in on Sept 13. Have a season of four plays between end of November and June. Many theaters in Seattle are working to figure out how to bring people in and following the same regulations across covid. You will have to be vaccinated, or a negative covid test within 72hrs. Everyone has to be masked. These are the rules at just about every theater in Seattle right now.

Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Has evaluated fecal bacteria data to determine if there’s a trend of increasing fecal bacterial levels. Could the dumping of RVs and campers in the west side of the lake be causing problems? King County collects samples each week at both beaches. Camps have been present for the last two years. East beach has not changed during that period. West beach has increased over the last two years. Has been trying to work with the parks department to evaluate the lake more deeply, including identifying the sources of the fecal bacteria. Data posted in http://friendsofgreenlake.org/

Still working on two floating wetlands. Applying again for a grant. Looking for pledges of support or volunteer hours.

There is a new invasive plant in the lake. Brazilian aladillia. Parks department has yet to do anything. Still working on bringing awareness to them.