Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, March 9, 2022

7:01 PM – Paul Kostek call to order

Council Member Sara Nelson, introduction. Lives in Green Lake.

Reach out any time! sara.nelson@seattle.gov (206) 684-8809, social: @CMSaraNelson newsletter sign-up: https://seattle.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=11a79978ca7225050bfabf7ad&id=974e33336d

Seattle Parks Department – Colleen Hackett

Inner loop. Have been working on updating the signs. During the early part of covid things changed so often, they just had the portable sides. Back in Sept/Oct started working on signs, but then things changed. Only about six or eight signs.

No longer one-way as it had been during covid. It is posted as no bikes. Includes skateboard, rollerblades, anything wheeled except strollers and people with disabilities. Thinks they’re trying to pilot this and have the bikes in the bike path. “This is a pause.” This is not a permanent change. “This is a long-term temporary policy.”

Not involved in the process. Parks doesn’t maintain the street. That’s SDOT. With the protected lanes, there’s not as much sweeping.

Outer loop – gravel – has been directed not to purchase gravel. This is related to the concrete strike.

Question: Is there an email people can reach out to about the loop? A lot of questions have come in, especially around kids not being able to ride their bikes and scooter.

Answer: Rachel Schulkin rachel.schulkin@seattle.gov – info person. She’s the most accurate when it comes to the path.

We R Seattle www.rseattle.org – Randy Bannecker

Non-partisan group that grew out of city hall not listening to the public. Goal is to reconnect people to city hall. Working with many to take recommendations to the council and mayor, asking them to adopt them. Looking for a breadth of support. Would like to invite the Green Lake Community Council, as well as open it up to the neighborhood.

Has started several education related projects. Looking to get people involved in conversations. Work to listen, let the participants bring up their issues. Help facilitate the conversation, distill into challenges and action items.

Bike Planning – Shana Kelly, Paul Kostek

Working through the city’s proposals and survey results. Potentially hold a special meeting.

In last SDOT meeting, they announced their final plan. Multimodal, not a bike lane. Outside loop will go all the way around. Will remove a lane of traffic along NW side of lake. Neighbors from that area are having a walkabout on Tuesday with SDOT.

There will be a significant impact to traffic in the area. Some of those emanate out onto adjacent streets. Funding for this is coming from Vision Zero. A goal of having no injuries, collisions or accidents along a certain area. Reviewing the traffic incident data, we seem to be doing pretty well. There’s a question as to if this should be a Vision Zero project or not. Data that was collected for traffic and parking was not taken during peak time or during summer. Is the funding better spent on an area that has a greater need?

Seattle Public Theater – Nikki Przasnyski, Development Director

Professional theater. Have been around for over 30 years. Currently performing in-person, live again. After almost two years of doors being closed. Show: Pipeline. About the school to prison pipeline.

Gala and auction coming up. https://www.seattlepublictheater.org/light-in-the-dark Offering sponsorship opportunities.

Friends of Green Lake – Ellen Hewit

Floating wetlands contractor has been selected. Teams will be working on finishing the planning, storing materials, getting the plans on time, transporting parts to the lake and assemble.

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