Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Call to Order – Paul Kostek 7:03pm

UW Master’s Thesis Project (Homelessness) – Carmen Smith

Grad student at UW. Project focused on Green Lake and Lower Woodland Park. Seeking to breakdown and understand the situation – not coming from any one perspective. Complicated, complex topic with many strong feelings.

Looking for people to interview, either in person or via zoom. Interviews can be anonymous. INterview can be as short as 15 minutes. If you’re open to being interviewed, please contact Carmen csmith77@uw.edu (360) 204-1654

District 6 Update – Dan Strauss

2021 Overview:

  • Worked with Green Lake Boathouse to clear final gap of funding
  • Green Lake Community Center – still on track to develop that
  • Reopened West Green Lake Way North – New traffic engineer for City of Seattle
  • Funding secured for 63rd street mural.
  • Multiple other city-wide successful projects

2022 Overview:

  • Looking to address the homeless encampment at Woodland Park
  • New councilmember also lives somewhere around Green Lake
  • Need to update the transportation master plan. ST3. Adding bus lanes (eg route 40).
  • Childcare affordability. Design review and speeding up permit process.
  • Working on tree plan.
  • Plan for understanding capital costs of addressing climate crisis.
  • Expanding community crisis response. Advocating for a crisis solution center. Most calls that 911 receives are related to mental health.
  • Additionally help to address homelessness.
  • Vibrant public spaces. Street cafes as a huge focus. Green Lake Community Center and Boat House are priorities. Looking for place to expand cafe street concept.

Oil furnace tax has been put on pause. There was a proposal to have a bonus for city service workers. Hasn’t had enough of them. 

Upper Woodland Park

On new Mayor’s Q1 plan. Working as quickly as possible to address encampment. Use same approach as Ballard Commons. Make a list of who’s there and what their needs are. Highest priority site in the city. Timeline will be driven by shelter capacity. Will be short term support like dumpsters – temporary. Addressing the park section by section.

Seattle Public Theater – Charlotte M. Tiencken

New show Mala. One-woman show, caretaking for elderly patients. Opening on 28th of January. Will run for three weeks.

Looking for people to join the board, especially from Green Lake. Also looking for restaurants who want to get involved with the theater – eg “dinner and a show”. Please contact in either case. charlotte@seattlepublictheater.org 206-769-6029

Friends of Green Lake – Paul Kostek

Floating wetlands project moving forward.

Cleanup project coming up. Check https://friendsofgreenlake.com/ for details

Next meeting Jan 25th at 7pm.