Emergency Preparedness


SNAP! Getting Ready for a Disaster by Paul Kostek

Emergency Preparedness has been underway here in Green Lake for the past 3 years. In the event of a major event (earthquake) and the loss of power/phones we will set up a series of information hubs in the comunity. They will be outside the Green Lake Community Center, the Daniel Bagley School, Lower Woodland and Jane Adams School (the latter 2 joint with Wallingford).

A SNAP Group for Home, Street. and Business

Think about creating a SNAP group for your street – Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare. This will help you and your neighbors be prepared for any event.

Each of us should have an individual plan for our families to deal with a disaster. Check out the City of Seattle Emergency Programs site for help putting plans and a kit together: www.seattle.gov/emergency/programs/snap/.

If you have a Business in the community do you have a plan to deal with a disaster? A recovery plan to get back to business? Would you be willing to share resources with the community in the event of a disaster? I encourage you to think about creating a plan and kit for your family and working with your neighbors to have a plan for your street sooner rather than later.

SNAP Programs are offered throughout the city to help you, your family and your neighborhoods become better prepared for the next disaster. Visit the SNAP event calendar for more info on Emergency Preparedness. Visit Seattle’s emergency management website (seattle.gov/emergency-management) and check for all of the communities north of the ship canal (Fremont, Wallingford, Green Lake, Ravenna-Bryant, Phinney Ridge). They’ll be posting emergency contact information and links to other important emergency preparation efforts. We will also be participating in City wide drills to test our readiness. We also have a tri-fold flyer available. If you would like to be involved with the Emergency Preparedness Planning activities at Green Lake Community Council, contact Paul Kostek at: pjkostek@gmail.com or 206-915-6645 or Alexandra Halsey at Alexandra.s.halsey@gmail.com.

To ask about or share your ideas on any Green Lake issue with Green Lake Community Council, you can contact us using the GLCC contact form under the menu heading Connect.


From the Seattle Office of Emergency management:

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management website now features a series of interactive maps that highlight some of the city’s top hazards. Check out the Seattle Hazard Explorer and learn more about the hazards that impact Seattle. You can zoom in on your home, work place, or any other location to see what hazards are most likely to impact you. Information videos and other content provide more in depth explanations of each of the hazards. Make sure you look out for links to important preparedness information as well! You can access the Seattle Hazard Explorer via this link: View the Seattle Hazard Explorer.