Green Lake Elementary Playground Progress Reported

Green Lake Elementary Playground Project Update:

The Green Lake Elementary PTA  (GLES) has embarked on a project to improve the playground. The objective is to develop a master plan that will guide the development and upgrades to the playground over a multi-year period. This project is in partnership with Seattle Neighborhoods, Seattle Public Schools, Community Residents & Partners, and Students that offers an opportunity to develop an inclusive play experience mindful of our diverse students, families, and community. Funding for this partnership comes from a grant through Seattle Neighborhoods and additional monetary donations from the GLES PTA annual school auction.

Over the course of the last year a playground project committee compromised of parents, neighbors, and business owners have been working to identify and hire a design firm to help develop the master plan and conceptualize how to re-imagine the playground at Green Lake Elementary. SiteWorkshop was selected as the design team to begin work and collaboration with the project committee and community to gather feedback.

Feedback has been collected through an online community survey with over 130+ submissions. In addition, a community meeting was held on Tuesday, December 11th with close to 200 community members participating in person. And, finally the most important step to collect the most meaningful feedback was taken through a school assembly at Green Lake Elementary with over 400 students taking part in a school assembly along with providing their individual feedback to help the project team re-imagine an inclusive play experience for the students, families, and community.

A second community meeting will be taking place Tuesday, February 26th presenting multiple options for the community to consider and provide feedback. Based on that feedback a final set of design plans will be delivered by the end of March. A 3rd and final community meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 20th with the final master plan for the playground illustrating a multi-phase approach to re-imagine the playground.

Subsequent steps beyond March will involve prioritizing each phase of the construction project and developing actual construction documents based on timing, funding, and feasibility.

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