Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, July 15, 2021

Paul Kostek – Call to Order

Seattle CM Dan Strauss

West Green Lake Way N closure. Talked to SDOT today. No conversations about permanent closure. If it were to occur, it would be above the department – would be with the mayor. In the process of making final decisions on how the street will operate. With a new protected bike lane around the lake, that section is incomplete. SDOT director and mayor are making the decisions. They are taking public input. A decision will be made by the end of this month.

CM has been advocating for making the road open. Cannot force anything to happen. In support of two way traffic, and protected bike lane.

Q: Homelessness update?

A: Still working on places for people to go who are currently camping in the park.

Q: Geese. Health problem?

A: A big reason for weekly water quality testing is because of the geese and milfoil.

Q: Another CM is pushing for ending single family zoning. Where do you stand?

A: I helped co-sponsor that bill. More about changing names and not policy. With DADUs and ADDUs having been passed, there’s already duplexes in single family zones. Name change has no policy impact.

Follow-up questions continued about the closure of West Green Lake Way N. Was originally closed due to covid, but now other reasons are being cited. CM Strauss does not know why the rational has changed, and can’t defend SDOT’s process. Took two weeks to get information from them, and they did not cite anything new (just existing information on website.) More than 3000 people have signed a petition to reopen the road.

D6 is taking a disproportionate amount of burden on homelessness in King County.

Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Fecal matter content is rising. Has alerted King County. Working on permits for floating wetlands project. City has now given support. On target to get permits wrapped up to apply for grant to fund it. East beach is getting cleaner, west beach is getting dirtier.

Q: How to reduce fecal matter?

A: Can study it. City has not funded it ($10k+).

Swimmers should not be swimming because of needles in the lake.

SPD Precinct Update – Doug Brambrick

Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm