Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Welcome/Introductions  – Paul Kostek – 7:05pm

Ballard History Project – Davidya  Kasperzyk

Mapping Historic Ballard with Crowd sourced Mobile Data Collection. Received grant from City of Seattle. Together with Ballard Historic Society were able to complete the project. Documented historic buildings and other locations. Wanted to be a snapshot in time of what Ballard was. At a higher level, could have been used to help preserve the best of what’s left.

Goal to survey every building. Identify 100 high-integrity historic buildings. Went for smartphone based system. 8th Ave NE to the bluff, and NE 58th St up to 85th NE St. Didn’t want to get into the complexities of the southern commercial zone. 9317 parcels. 3-4 minutes per building, 450-500 hours. Used Fulcrum app. Using a smartphone was an incredible tool. Was still 3x more time consuming than anticipated.

Green Lake SDoT Project Status – Christa Dumpys


More than 6 miles of repaved streets. Nearly 4 miles of enhanced or upgraded bike lanes. Improvements at many intersections, sidewalk repair and replacement in select locations, bus top relocations, nearly 500 ADA curb ramps.

Striping on N 80th this week. N 50th & N 40th, paving completed in June 2020. Green Lake Way should be stripped this week. 50 new street trees planned along Green Lake Way. Took some planting strip away from parks for bike lane. Will continue to see crews in the area, but there will be fewer traffic impacts.

Safer Streets – Tom Lang

Aurora Reimagined Coalition.

In last 10 years, 23 people have been killed in crashes on Aurora. City and state budgeting $2 million study to address Aurora’s safety and guide its future. Want to help revamp all of Aurora from the tunnel to the Seattle city limit/boarder (“Bertha to Border”.)

Brock Howell – http://glwstreets.org/aurora-park-path – petition to support project to protect part of Aurora, next to Green Lake, that only recently was opened up to traffic.

Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Floating wetlands project. Received grant from funds raised by those looking to memorialize Taiga Hinkley. Floating wetlands are very inexpensive. Micic floating bog mats. Much less expensive than repurposing land for habitats. Also good for reducing algae blooms. Going through grant process. Looking to have installed in April 2022. Need example floating wetlands to show others in the area how they can be done. If you are willing to donate or help out, please visit http://friendsofgreenlake.org/

SPD North Precinct NPAC Report – Doug Bambrick

At most recent update, Lt Osborne is getting hit harder as robbery is up 12%. North Precinct is up 3%. Arson is up 1200%. Burglary is up 23%. North Precinct building still not open to public due to covid. Home was broken in five nights in a row, caught burglar, but police would not arrest as burglar has covid. Took burglar to hospital, but there has been no followup.