Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

Introduction – Paul Kostek – 7:02pm

Welcome and acknowledgement of Veterans Day

Metro North Link Changes – David VanderZee

From service planning department. Mobility Project. Service restructure around light rail. Three new light rail opening up in September of next year. Currently at end of Phase 3 for Engagement. Will be finalizing concept into recommendation. Final set of changes planned for early next year. Changes implemented in Fall of 2021, concurrent with opening of light rail.

Originally planned to come out to community earlier in the year, but “Stay Home-Stay Healthy” order issued.


Green Lake’s Historic Buildings, Urban Design Resources and Treasured Places – Robert Carter

Some historic buildings are not documented, and have been torn down over the years. In 2009, there was an updated inventory with the neighborhood plan.

Ballard Historical Society and an organization in Wallingford are undertaking historical inventory.

First question that comes up on a project like this is who is going to pay for it. Ballard applied for a Small & Simple grant. Ended up recording almost 8000 buildings, as well as GIS database. Consultant cost $8000, and cartographer cost about $12,000. Members of the community donated at least another $5000, not including their time. Took about 15,000 photographs. These projects need volunteers. There’s about 75 places in Ballard identified as historic.

Wallingford received a $7000 grant through King County.

Friends of Green Lake – Rob Zisette

Geese at Green Lake. Long history of managing geese at Green Lake. They are a nuisance wildlife in Washington State. Have done many things including capturing them, shipping or euthanizing them. Was done until the city made an ordinance to stop that process. Now it’s illegal for them to manage the geese.

FOGL is interested in it from a lake health perspective. Has been studied. 25% of phosphorus in the water comes from geese poop. Parks Department could vacuum up the poop.

Just had a millfoil cleanup on Saturday. Very successful. A volunteer organized and ten+ people hauled material to shore. The good news is, they got a lot out. The really bad news is, there was a lot of Brazilian elodea. It’s much worse than millfoil. It’s kind of a scary thing.

Floating wetlands project – design, build and install to provide a native waterfowl habitat. Also improve water quality. Adds habitat for fish and wildlife. Applied for a grant for the Neighborhood Matching Fund, but was denied. But the Parks Department like the project, but didn’t think there was enough time to get the permits. Great leadership committee. Will get together and get the permits on their own, and when the grant application opens up again, can apply, hopefully win and get the wetlands installed in the spring of 2022.

Seattle Police Department Update: http://seattlenpac.blogspot.com/

Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm