Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dan Strauss – First bill passed just before recess. Will allow child care to open and operate near where we live and work by removing red tape and changing land use zones. Greater flexibility with siting. New child care facilities will still require permits and licensing.

Has also been working on cafe streets and sidewalk cafes. Businesses can now get a free permit to have a cafe on their sidewalk or parking in front of their business. Also working on scooters – trying it in the real world to end the debate. Test the pilot with scooters now. Real time adjustments can be made to the permit to account for safety, parking or other issues. Electrified micro mobility is the future.

Was the sponsor of the virtual design review meetings. Still working to improve the process. Hopes that post covid we will have both in-person and virtual design review meetings, but it might be difficult.

Question: There are a lot of needles and other issues related to homelessness around the park. How can we solve that?
Answer: The city is not working fast enough. Solutions taken to the mayor or council have been rejected. At the end of the day we need to have enough space to move people inside to have a managed place to live, so we can move people off. They need a place to go. They can’t just sleep on mats.

When you’re seeing people with needles or misusing alcohol in the park, we need to come back to that we have not squared our shoulders and addressed homelessness. Has made requests time and time again. We need enough space to move everyone inside. A tiny home village or managed encampments. Has not had a good relationship with the mayor. 

Question: Is there a way we can get to center ground with the council and mayor?

Answer: That question should be posed to the mayor. Spoke with Chief Diaz today. There is a way forward. The mayor has tried to legislate through headlines.

Question: What are we doing to protect the tree canopy in Seattle?

Answer: Trees are really important to me. Was certified as a wildland firefighter. Trees increase the value of homes. Keep homes cool in the summer. There is a way to do it. Was hoping to run the tree ordinance this year. It’s not an excuse that can be used forever, but covid has been a challenge.

There is a way to use the rights of way to protect trees. Able to have greater control. The cost is that if changes to the street need to occur, those trees can be subject to removal.

Question: We’ve had the parks closed. Green Lake parking lots are closed. Lots of people are showing up, and parking all over the place. Some people are concerned about why are we closing the parking lots, when they’re just parking in the neighborhood?

Answer: This is something I’ve brought up with the parks department. Really still are trying to ensure that parks are being used by parks being used in and around the neighborhood. Has also brought it up in the conversation with Golden Gardens. Still tracking. Will bring it up again.

Question: As light rail opens, do we keep the bus service we have now, or will some busses disappear?

Answer: Is hoping as Sound Transit expands service, will increase the frequency of trains. Has had a conversation with Metro about routes in and out of Green Lake. Has been clear with them with the need to connect East Green Lake with the E-Line – a direct route downtown. Wants it to be reliable.

Green Lake Community Center

Last open house showed voting preference towards #2, but nearly tied shortly behind were options #1 & #3. It will not be option #3, but something #1 & #2. This will help protect the rows of large trees, as well as tie the facility to the lake. However, it will likely result in the current facility being shut down for at least a portion of the construction.

More studies will be conducted and the exact placement of each park feature is not yet determined.