Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Green Lake North – Julie Cain

Block north of Green Lake Village. Bottom floor will be medical. Apartments above. Class A apartments, as well as program for affordability. Three floors of parking. Landscaping will be consistent with across the street. Big solar panels. Plan to break ground in early 2021. Open in early 2023. Lots of bike parking and bike storage. Also planning for spaces inside for work at home.

Green Lake Community Center Update – David Graves

Making improvements to existing community center. New center is 5-7 years away. Hired architecture firm – same designers as Northgate Community Center. Initial thinking was to go out to the public in March. With covid, that didn’t happen.

Wanted to look at existing site, as well as other sites where we could or should put a community center. Pitch n’ Putt, tennis courts at lower Woodland Park, lawn bowling site. Held an online open house for three weeks, including an online presentation. 155 people signed up and took part in the webinar. Over 6000 people logged in and looked at the online open house. About 4000 people took the survey. Overwhelming response was that the community center should stay in the same vicinity.

Additional online presentations upcoming. Focusing on existing site, but there’s a lot of room out there. Need to figure out programs, as that will greatly influence the design. Will work on that through August. In September, October or November, will be back with a final location and idea of what it will look like, and a rough cost estimate. It will be a double pool, with whole host of features. Lap pool. Big guy. Multi-purpose room. One thing different than Rainier Beach – views of the lake. Accessible roof? Try to minimize the amount to trees that would need to be removed.

Has looked at five or six sites in that area. Narrowed it down to three for further review. Have not started looking at how the design might change based on covid-19 and social distancing. Original plan was to break ground in three years, but it may be five due to new city budget complications. Foundation and geotech will be a big deal, and possibly biggest challenge as far as the design goes.

Parking. It is a challenge. A bigger community center will only generate more interest. Do you build a parking structure? Can’t really go down because of the water table.

Architectural survey of the Green Lake neighborhood – Robert Carter

Has started looking at the idea of a Green Lake Historic District. Started with the state, was directed to the city. Has now looked at what other neighborhoods have done.

Mapping Historic Ballard. Effort to document history of Ballard architecture. Produced an inventory, as well as GIS data. Funding came from a Small & Simple grant. Key to the projects is volunteers.

Contact Robert if you would like to get involved.

Closing Updates

Friends of Green Lake haven’t been meeting due to covid-19. There was a plan to put floating islands on the lake, but funding for that is gone now due to covid-19.

SPD North Precinct NPAC Report – haven’t been meeting, due to covid-19.