Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Call to Order – Paul Kostek – 7:05pm

Mary Amberg – Crime Prevention Coordinator North Precinct

Does security assessments of homes, businesses, schools. At night works on block watches and community meetings. Can work with neighborhoods on ideas to repel crime rather than attract crime.

Works with community police team. Works on long-term solutions. North Precinct is huge – about half the population of Seattle.

New Precinct building is still shelved. Some upgrades are being made to current building. One of the only precincts without a community room.

Not much increase in property crime. Car prowls are an issue. There is a burglary prevention class. It’s about 2 hours long. If we can find a space for about 40 people, Mary will come out.

Most burglaries happen during the day. If someone knocks during the day, let them know you are home. You don’t have to answer the door. Say “No thanks” or “Have a nice day” just to let them know you’re home.

Get long screws for your deadbolt strike plate. Only cost a few dollars. Helps prevent a door from being kicked in. Make sure the deadbolt has a throw of an inch. Get a wooden dowel to put in the track of a window or sliding glass door. It should fit snugly in the track.

You can also find window alarms. They go off if the window is getting moved. About $2-5 each. Security film is another option. It will hold glass together rather than letting it shatter.

If you get an alarm with a monitoring service, do your research and make sure the service calls the police rather than a security guard who may take a couple hours to arrive.

Camera systems are another option. Some connect to smartphones. A regular camera with video may not be that helpful, but a camera that allows you to respond right then can be much more helpful.

Sonja Renner – North Seattle College

Having 50th Anniversary Celebration this fall. Will be holding some community events. If you have taken one class, or completed a certificate or degree, you are an alum. Please contact the college to join the Alumni Association.

Seattle Promise is a program for any Seattle high school graduate. You are able to attend several Seattle colleges at no cost. First 90 credits are paid for. That’s about two years of free college.

Fairly new to North Seattle are bachelor degree programs. Great alternative to other 4-year college opportunities.

Very excited about pedestrian and bike bridge. Construction is under way. SDOT is the lead for communication and questions about the bridge. They are hosting community sessions in the neighborhood.

Rob Zisette – Friends of Green Lake

Next meeting, January 21st. At the last meeting, talked about the toxic algae bloom. It was a surprise because of the alumn treatment from three years ago – it was supposed to last 10 years. Is working closely with the city and county on how to marry the science with the community health needs.

If you see issues, contact King Count. Friends of Green Lake will be putting the contact info up on their site.

Will be applying again for a grant to get markers around the path to make it easier to community with 911 and convey location.

Also working on floating wetlands. Improve habitat and water quality, and cut down on erosion.

Q: Doing anything about the geese?

A: City stopped controlling geese. They used to do relocation.

Paul Kostek – GLCC election in July

If you’re interested in being involved, please contact Paul directly.