Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Paul Kostek.

Do to late arrivals of speakers John Peeples a candidate for District 6 was invited to speak to the attendees.

Alexandra Halsey discussed reviving the Green Lake emergency preparedness activities. She provided information on current activities in Greenwood and Lake City and shared information on starting a SNAP – Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Plan – group. She encouraged attendees to consider starting SNAP groups on their streets.

Action – Alex to work with Ellen to create an Emergency Preparedness web page.

Paul reviewed information on the natural gas main replacement project that PSE started between Green Lake Way and 80th. Worked started on March 11th and will be completed before the Paving and Multi-Modal improvements project begins. Information on the gas project can be found at:


SDoT will be invited to the May meeting to provide status on the planned Green Lake – Wallingford Paving and Mulit-Modal improvement project.

The final review of the Green Lake Elementary Playground redesign will be held on March 20th from 6-7 pm in the school cafeteria (2400 N65th St).

Kent Scott Project Manager for the Parks Department reviewed the work being done on the bathrooms at the Bathhouse Theater and plans for the Comfort Station by the wading pond. Changes are being done to bring the facilities up to ADA code.

Rob Zisette reported on the activities of the Friends of Green Lake. Continued work on the GPS location tiles for the lake path, initial funding request was rejected, but FoGL has been encouraged to reapply; planning for memorial for Taiga Hinckley continues, group is considering several options.

Doug Bambrick was not able to attend the meeting but did leave material on the new 911 system.

Candidates for the District 6 Council positions will be invited to attend either the May or July Community Council meetings.

Action: Board to handle invites to District 6 Council candidates

A resident of the Cove complex, located on Woodlawn 2 blocks down and on the south side of the street from the Hearthstone, asked for time to discuss a request made to SDoT to provide a traffic calming at the intersection of Latona, Woodlawn and 2nd. The response from SDoT was no to any street changes. Paul requested she send him her email contact with SDoT and he will look into following up with them.