Minutes of the GLCC Meeting Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Paul Kostek – Call to order 7:05pm

7400 Woodlawn – Pastor Cara Tanis
In 2016, the Bethany Lutheran Church closed and made the building available to others. Emmaus Table meets there. The other part is the name of the address – “Repurposing church for the sake of community.” Listening to neighbors as to what the beautiful building could be used for. There is a three bedroom apartment upstairs now. There is a preschool downstairs. Lots of other partners, including yoga and meditation classes.

Also asking for what the community needs and wants. This past Sunday they had the first of what they hope for many of “Equal Exchange”. Hoping to have a conversation each month. Next one is December 8th – The Science of Gender.

SDOT Street Repaving Projects – Christa Dumpys
Green Lake & Wallingford Paving – currently in construction now. Will finish in 2021. New protected bike lanes, primarily on Green Lake Drive E. Two new lights will be added. 500 new ADA curb ramps.

Matt – Contractor
Work in front of the zoo has been completed, along N 50th. Now on the east side of 50th between the zoo and I-5. A lot of drainage upgrades. Will stop work around January, and probably pick back up around May. Will mill roughly 2” off the road, and then put a clean slate down the road.

For Green Lake, construction will start around January. New signals at the Pitch & Put, and Densmore. Will continue into 2021. Concerns about pedestrian safety and positioning of crosswalks.

At Densmore, a new light will go in, as well as new cross walks.

80th Street will be the last street taken care of. The big issue on 80th is there is a trench line in 80th that is completely failing. It was supposed to be fixed last summer, but it has yet to be fixed.


2020 US Census – Katy M Kaltenbrun & Christopher Grivas
Part of the US Constitution, has been going on since 1790. Provides us with a way to distribute funding fairly. $675B in funding. It’s also about distributing seats in the House of Representatives.

Medicade, SNAP/WIC, roads, transporation, emergency, Education/Pell Grant, Housing Vouchers/Section 8, Head Start – number of firefighters in a community is decided by the census.

Title 13 ensures privacy – no one, not even a court of law can be subpoenaed. Only releases information in statistical format. Those working on it take a lifetime oath to not disclose personal information.

There are 10 questions per person in a household. In 2020, this will be the first online census. There is also an 800 number to call. There will be paper forms available. Will be in 13 languages. Language guide for 59 other languages, including ASL and braille.

Starting in mid-March, 95% of the population will receive a postcard. A series of five mailings will go out. If someone hasn’t responded, an enumerator will go out to collect the information. That will happen April-July 2020. They will always have a Census bag, and an ID. That’s the first thing they should show you.

Count where you are on April 1, 2020 – or where you are the majority of the time.

Tell your neighbors about the importance of the census. In WA, we received $16B based on census data. Identify community areas that need special attention. Help advertise Census taker Jobs.

Starts at $23/hr in Seattle. Can work up to 40hrs/week, or less. You are more likely to be called if you sign up for 40/hrs. Perfect opportunity for people between jobs. Great opportunity to help the community. If you have a business in Green Lake, please allow them to put a sign up for jobs. Between now and February is the push to hire. Must be at least 18, US citizen, have an email address and SSN.


Friends of Green Lake – Brian Deluca
Currently working with the city to rebuild the turtle viewing area on the west side of the lake. A platform would go out level from the path.

Looking into a project where gardens around the lake could be used to cleanse the water. There are many places this is done. The problem we have with the algae is an international problem. Rob is working on numerous lakes in Washington State to try and solve that problem.


Next meeting, January 8, 2020. Close 8:17pm