Green Lake Community Council Is Reviving Emergency Preparedness Efforts

Green Lake Community Council Is
Back on Track on Emergency Preparedness!



Have you wondered what you can do to prepare for “the big one” – earthquake?  Or fire? Or mudslide? Or any number of disasters that can happen without warning and leave us high and dry (or wet and cold) and without access to food, water, or other necessities or even the ability to communicate with our families?

GLCC is  energizing its efforts to join with other community groups and get plans in place for how to do it.  We made a start a few years ago.  See the menu item on our home page “Emergency Preparedness” and read about what has been done so far.  The material posted provides some basic information on preparing for an emergency that you can do for your family and with your neighbors.

Give some thought to joining our efforts.  Alexandra Halsey  has taken on this project for GLCC and you can contact her if you would like to volunteer or need further information.  Click on her name to send her an email, or contact us using the Connect tab on the website and fill out our form.

Paul Kostek
Chair, Green Lake Community Council