Important public meeting: Evans Pool. Tuesday, March 7 at 7 pm with Mike O’Brien

Over the past decade or more, the Green Lake Community Center has been falling into disrepair. Some of this has been due to economic factors, while some of it has been in an effort to help get new community centers up and running in other neighborhoods. The pool at the center – knowns as the Evans Pool – has been experiencing a lack of repair and maintenance as well.

Community Council Member Garet Munger has been following recent developments and proposed resolutions to this. The community center is old and needs to be significantly renovated or replaced. The Seattle Parks Department has made decision that replacement is more cost effective than renovation.  Cost of new facility is estimated to be 25 million. Parks will continue to provide on going maintenance, but does not have money at this time to replace the building.   Possible revenue sources for Green Lake Community Center include, a partnership between the city and some as yet unidentified non-profit organization, donations, bond financing, park district funding, and/or a fund raising effort. 

Many in the community are concerned with the privatization of an important part of our community. Our City Council Member Mike O’Brien is meeting with the community at 7pm on Tuesday, March 7th to help shed light on the matter. The meeting will be held at the Hearthstone –  6720 E. Green Lake Way N Seattle

There is also a Facebook Group – SAVE Evans Pool & Green Lake Community Center