CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS! Virtual Community – Police Dialogues


Join in and be heard! 

Participate in a virtual dialog with Seattle Police personnel on your neighborhood concerns about public safety


For 2021, as part of the Seattle Police Department’s Micro-Community Policing Plans (MCPP) collaboration with Seattle University, the Seattle University MCPP research team will hold virtual community-police dialogues to provide the opportunity for those who live and/or work in Seattle to engage in dialogue with Seattle Police personnel about the survey results and micro-community (neighborhood) concerns about public safety.

Three community-police dialogues will be held in each of the five police precincts – East, North, South, Southwest, and West (a total of 15 dialogues) on designated Thursday Nights 5:30-7:30pm via Zoom video conferencing from mid-May through August 2021. If you live and/or work in Seattle and are interested in participating in one of the upcoming community-police dialogues, go to

For information about the SPD MCPP and the 2020 Seattle Public Safety Survey Results, go to:

For questions, feel free to contact Dr. Jacqueline B. Helfgott, Director Seattle University Crime & Justice Research Center.


Phone: (206) 295-5477

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Katelyn Yep


Department of Criminal Justice | Seattle University

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice | Investigative Criminology

Nancy Rauhauser

Secretary, NPAC


Paul Kostek – Chair
Green Lake Community Council

Rob Zisette, President
Friends of Green Lake