Department of Neighborhoods Newsletter – February 5, 2019

New  Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Newsletter

Some changes have been made, including a new series called “Hey Neighbor,” introducing  the DON staff making it happen.  Each Newsletter has all the news that is the news organized by South, Central, and North areas.  Plus a lot more. The new newsletter is available by subscription.  Sign up, and get ready to mark your calendar If you have feedback, questions, or news tips, please reach out to the Department of Neighborhoods by email.


Hey Neighbor: Meet Genna Nashem!

Our Hey Neighbor! series introduces you to the people behind the scenes working to build, strengthen, and engage the communities of Seattle.

Genna is one of our Historic Preservation champions! She has been with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods since 2006. She currently serves as staff coordinator for the Pioneer Square, Fort Lawton and Harvard Belmont Historic Districts. In this interview you can hear about her favorite neighborhood, her deep love for historic preservation, and what dog breed she most resembles.   (Watch the Video)