Get Advance Notification of Design Review on Building Projects

Department of Neighborhoods Explains the
New Requirements for Early Community
Outreach on Design Review   


The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods would like to let you know about a new way for neighbors to learn about and weigh-in on new development in your neighborhood. The Early Community Outreach for Design Review program came into effect on July 1st, 2018 and requires developers to notify residents and businesses of new multi-family, mixed-use or commercial projects in your neighborhoods and elicit community input early in the design and permitting process.

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How does this new process affect me and my neighbors?

Developers are now required to reach out to nearby neighbors, community organizations, and small businesses of new projects by at least one printed, one digital and one in-person outreach method. This gives you an opportunity to learn about new developments and give input very early on in the process. You can learn more about these new requirements by reviewing the Early Outreach for Design Review website.

How do I find out about events and projects happening in my neighborhood?

You can find out about projects by visiting the Early Outreach for Design Review Projects Blog. You can search by region or neighborhood to find basic project information and the developer’s contact info. You can also find out about nearby in-person meetings that developers are holding on the Early Community Outreach for Design Review Calendar.

How do the developers know to contact us?

The Department of Neighborhoods has developed new tools that list local community groups, the Community Connector and Neighborhood Snapshots. If you would like to be included on these lists, please reply to this email with that request.

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