Homeless Encampments – A Call for Questions

The Green Lake Community Council meeting of May 10, will be an opportunity to learn and ask questions about city-wide policies directed toward treatment of homeless encampments on city owned properties, including parks.

The evening program will be organized as a panel of the three invited guests with the following general outline:

  1. George Scarola – Director of Homelessness in the Mayor’s office to speak on the city-wide homeless in the city and the policies and procedures outlined in MDAR 17-01, and FAS 17-01 that allow and direct the sweeps from city properties. He has been instrumental in defining city policies on homeless
  2. Colleen Hackett – Crew chief for Parks maintenance for the northwest park region to speak on the assignment of park department staff in their role in the removals and cleanup. Colleen Hackett as crew chief responsible for assignment of park staff to the Navigation teams can speak to the on the ground efforts and effects in Green Lake and other parks.
  3. Alison Eisinger – Director of the King County/Seattle Coalition on Homelessness to speak on the Coalition on Homelessness’ reaction to current city policies and discuss the effects of these policies on community members who are homeless as well as on those who are housed, and offer thoughts about how this work intersects with ongoing efforts to help and house people across King County.
  4. Questions that were submitted ahead of time, addressed to the three.
  5. Open questions and discussion from the audience.

Two recently approved documents became effective April 3, 2017 MDAR 17-01 (PDF), FAS 17-01 (PDF).
MDAR 17-01 establishes the authorization to prohibit camping on city property.
FAS 17-01 sets out the rules regarding unauthorized camping and the enforcement procedures for the removals.

Removals are commonly referred to as sweeps which are on-going throughout the city. These policies affect our local Green Lake Park as well as other city properties. Park Department staff from the north region are among the personnel assigned to Navigation Teams implementing the removal policies.

Submit Questions in Advance